1. How do I access/operate the system?
Visit www.paytravel.com.br and register your agency.
Once registered you will receive an email with login and password information to access and then you can make your payments to suppliers.
After registration done, see if your supplier has an agreement with us. If not listed ask him to contact us by phone (+5511) 3255.0709 or email atendimento@paytravel.com.br or inform us to get in touch with him, so that makes agreement with us to receiving.
NOTE 1: remember that in your first access, you must register the(s) professional(s) that is(are) using the system.

2. When can I make a payment?
First you must register and after confirm that your overseas supplier has an agreement with us. If not, ask them to contact us or send us him contact to talk.

3. How long does it take to finalize a transaction/request?
A request for payment should not take more than 5 minutes.

4. How do I know if my request for payment was successful?
You will receive an email with your request data along with the data to make the payment. Should you not receive this email, please contact atendimento@paytravel.com.br

5. I did a payment through Paytravel and I didn´t receive the confirmation of the same. What to do?
Send e-mail to atendimento@paytravel.com.br and attach copy of payment´s proof made by the Bank (paid bill or deposit). After check, we´ll contact you.

6. I did a payment request for the purchase through bank billing and transaction status appears as "Awaiting Payment". What should I do?
The payment confirmation is given on D+1, so the status of the confirmation will only be change on the day following payment.
No change after that, contact us by phone or email.

7. What is my payment receipt?
Your receipt is your payment´s proof or deposit made of bank billing.
Important Reminder: If you fail to pay the ticket on the same day the operation is canceled automatically.

8. When can I cancel a payment request?
You can cancel a payment when the purchase was only signed/logged in SYS and the payment was not made by the Bank. Remember that to cancel a payment, you must contact us before.

9. Why do I need to provide my identification data?
As this is a Central Bank´s Normative, any payment made, the payer and the source of funds should be identified.

10. What is accepted as identification data?
You must complete/submit the social security number. Being abroad call us and pass the passport number.

11. I'll have some cost for using this service?
There is no cost to make the payment from your supplier. Except if the agreement does not allow him.

12. When the supplier is aware that was actually paid?
When finished making the request, your supplier will receive a notification that you are paying.
The proof is given effective when PAID TO THE BANK, through ticket and / or deposit.
If payment is in the bank before 14:00 pm, the same day your supplier has confirmation the availability of resources. If not, only the next day.

13. I forgot my password, what do I do?
Visit the site www.paytravel.com.br and click "forgot password". Enter your login and your password will be automatically sent to the registered email. If you do not receive, please contact us.

14. How do I change my register information?
Send an e-mail to atendimento@paytravel.com.br informing desired changes and we´ll do. After you´ll receive a contact us through phone or email.

15. How can I get help?
Existing questions, please contact:
Call Center (+5511) 3255.0709 or
E-mail: atendimento@paytravel.com.br