1. How do I operate and use the system?
There are many ways to serve you. Please contact us by phone: (+5511) 3255.0709 or send an email to: atendimento@paytravel.com.br that one of our managers will contact you.


2. How do I register in Paytravel?
After having done contract agreement/representation, you "supplier" is authorized to use the system by receiving a login and password for access to operate.


3. What are the fees and rates levied by Paytravel?
Our rates and / or fees are negotiated with each supplier depending upon your business features.


4. Not found a value that should be released by the system, what should I do?
Occurring this problem, contact atendimento@paytravel.com.br to verify what happened with the amount to be released.


5. Why my payment was in analysis (red signal) in Paytravel?
Signal in red means it is awaiting approval for submission to the supplier due to some problem regarding the payment and/or operational.


6. How to returning a payment made by the agency?
The form of devolution should be set between supplier and agency.


7. The agency can be locked to use the system?
Yes, since for some reason your registration is not approved and/or submit something to be clarified.


8. How can I get help?
Existing questions, please contact:
Call Center (+5511) 3255.0709
E-mail: atendimento@paytravel.com.br